Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Dira and I have been blogging for as long as I can remember.This blog is me sharing what I love most in life, such as movies, television, books, art, fashion, music, personal experiences, and stories. Pretty much things I don’t normally blog about on Tumblr.

I like to blog a lot and you can find me on Cosmicshift mainly to fangirl about movies, celebrities, fashion and whatnot. Cosmiclovestyle is where I post fashion inspiration directly from Polyvore, and it's the most followed blog. I do have an Instagram, and Facebook, however, it's kind of personal and I'm not ready to share my WHOLE life just yet. I like to give my readers a glimpse of what my life is like through here, though I must warn you, my life is not glamorous but I sure make the most of it!

You're probably wondering "why so many Cosmic" blogs, well I love the song Cosmic Love by Florence + The Machine and I wanted to name my Tumblr blog CosmicLove but it was already taken, so Cosmicshift was born and it will forever be named that. I recently added "Dira" in the logo since it's what my friends and family call me and thought it made it more personal. So now it's Cosmicshift Dira.

Fun Fact: My actual name is Indira which is of Hindi origin and it means “beauty”. No I’m not Hindi, but my parents liked the name. I find it odd that they went for a more traditional name for my sister though. So join me as I try to figure myself out and the world!