July 4, 2017

Travel: Kennedy Space Center

We took my dad to the Kennedy Space Center the week before father's day, and I'm glad we did because he loved it. My family and I have been wanting to travel for a while now, even if it was for just a weekend, and I thought "where would my dad really enjoy himself?" Of course, I immediately thought about NASA and how much he loves watching everything space! So it was perfect. We went away for the weekend and went to the Space Center for a day. It's true when they say that you can't go through everything in a day, but from what we saw, it was pretty great. Besides the fact that it was raining there were places to hide and explore for hours.

Once we got there, the first thing we saw was the Rocket Garden. Again, it was raining, and at that time it was sprinkling, so we walked around and saw the different rockets. The name of the garden itself is self-explanatory.

Afterwards, we decided to take the bus tour which consisted of driving around the different launch pads. This area is separate from the Visitor Complex, so we are taken to the actual restricted area. I never knew there would be what I think is five launch areas, including SpaceX. It's also a wildlife habitat, so we saw a couple of gators lounging around.

Once the bus tour was over, we were taken to the Apollo/Saturn museum which holds the Apollo shuttle, also...PRETTY COOL! We got a brief history of the failed attempts and actual success of the Apollo shuttle.

After the museum, we went back to the Visitor Complex and decided to head to another museum. This one holds the actual Atlantis shuttle and it also has training simulators for people to try out and get the full space experience.

Overall, we were tired after visiting Atlantis and it started to pour, so we decided to call it a day. I would definitely recommend visiting the Kennedy Space Center. Besides the tours, you get a chance to have lunch with an astronaut and it has at least three IMAX theaters. I would definitely go again to see what I didn't get to finish seeing last time.

We stayed at the Radisson in Cocoa Beach which we didn't even get to enjoy the amazing pool they had because of the weather. My sister wasn't feeling well throughout the trip, but I was hungry so we decided to hunt down something to eat. We ended up at a restaurant which was pretty zen and healthy. The next day we went to the beach and let me tell you, the waves were ruthless. I don't know how many times I swallowed water, but I did get a nice tan.

My sister and I got matching NASA sweatshirts, which I must say are super comfy. I wore mine for a week to sleep and might just bear the heat and wear it tonight!

And that was my little overview of my family's trip to The Kennedy Space Center. We are halfway through the year and I still want to go to at least two more places before the fall semester starts. Here's to hoping everything else in my life goes well!

P.S. VSCO has become my new favorite editing app!

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