May 9, 2017

TV: May Mood Board

I realized that I never actually made a TV Mood Board as I was cleaning out my blog. The travesty. In all honesty, I haven't watched much television since Parks and Recreation ended, and Game of Thrones comes once a year. That's why I stick to Netflix. I wait until the seasons are over and binge-watch shows, but yes, occasionally I will watch a show weekly, especially if it's Game of Thrones. So ta-da, here is my first TV Mood Board. I did brainstorm a little, asking myself which shows I actually enjoyed and I came up with the following: 13 Reasons Why, Bates Motel, Big Little Lies, Riverdale. With the exception of Bates Motel, the other three are relatively new and/or a limited series. They all have a couple of things in common though like death, mental issues, and murder mystery. All pretty enjoyable to watch.

13 Reasons Why is based on the book by Jay Asher, and tells the story of the circumstances surrounding Hannah Baker's death. I have not read the book nor do I think I will because the show already caught my attention. I even asked my friend if I should read the book and she told me no since the show does a pretty good job in developing backstories for characters unlike the book. Each episode we follow Clay Jensen, a classmate of Hannah's, as he listens to 13 tapes that were delivered to him out of the blue. Each tape consists of 13 reasons why Hannah killed herself. More specifically, the people who have tormented and treated Hannah wrong which ultimately led to her decision to end her life. I have to admit that the intricate ways Hannah planned for these tapes to be passed along was pretty creative, but at times I found the episodes to be a little slow in getting to the point. However, I think since it's a Netflix show, there was plenty of room for creative liberties. Throughout the episodes I began to hate and love some characters, as well as sympathize with some of them. Of course, with a show that tackles suicide, mental health, bullying and sexual assault, there comes the backlash and controversy. So I'm going to say this: I WISH I HAD THIS BOOK AND SHOW WHEN I WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL. I believe that the point of certain of going ahead in showing topics and scenes so graphically was to show how real the situations are for these kids and even adults, especially when we live in the day of social media. This show has opened so many topics within myself and my friends, and we need to talk about these issues whether we have felt or dealt with them, or not. So I'll leave it at that. Oh, the show has a pretty good soundtrack. I was really surprised to hear Vance Joy in the first episode, and I currently have "A 1000 Times" by Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam on repeat.

Bates Motel is pretty self-explanatory. I was a little late in getting into the show during the early seasons, but omg when it hit Netflix I binge-watched the first three seasons. Freddie Highmore makes an excellent Norman Bates and Vera Farmiga as Norma is exceptional! What I like about the show is that, yes it's a prequel and a reimagining on Alfred Hitchcock's movie, but the elements of Norman getting to who we know him to be is what makes the show intriguing. Norman has a brother who was nowhere near mentioned in the movie, from what I recall, and even the house and motel itself are eerie characters. I have not seen the last and final season of the series because I really do want to savor all it's glory, and I'm a little sad that it's over. I get it though. You can only have Norman acting out and getting away with things for so long before it gets tiring. I do want to see Rihanna's take on playing Marion Crane. I do love this show though, and I'm glad it was made into a TV series for the younger generation to watch.

Big Little Lies was pretty much a hit for me and I briefly wrote about the show before. Seriously, even though it was a mini series for HBO, here is to hoping there is at least a season 2 to tie in those loose ends. The cast was amazing, and I believe it was their best performance of their careers. Based on the novel of the same name (which I'm debating whether to read it or not), the show has a little bit of everything: the judgy mothers, assault, abuse, and a pretty damn murder mystery. Let me not get started on the cinematography and how brilliant the editing was. That's what hooked me to the show and had me glued to my tv weekly. I don't even know what else to say about the show except WATCH IT! The soundtrack is pretty good too.

Riverdale based on the Archie Comics, is a modern-day retelling of Archie and the gang. It gives me a lot of Gossip Girl vibes, which of course was also on The CW. I have been on and off watching the first season though, simply because I forget to record it, but I caught up. Despite all the teenage angst going on in the show, there is a murder to be solved. Everyone has a secret and they come undone as the show progresses. Also, BILLY LOOMIS IS ON THE SHOW. Yes, Billy Loomis from Scream plays COLE SPROUSE'S DAD! BTW Cole Sprouse makes a hella good Jughead. Besides that, the show is pretty cool. It might be a little slow at times, and I always wonder when the hell do these kids find the time to solve a murder, but it's TV. Also, I sure as hell did not look like that when I was 15! It's going to be on Netflix soon, so keep an eye out for that if you want to watch.

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