May 2, 2017


Guys, I've been in such a funk and I want to blame it on whatever retrograde we are in. Seriously. I keep telling myself I'm going to be active today and hit the gym and as soon as I came home from work I got myself some tuna and crackers and called it a day. Then I was going to give myself a mani and pedi but I ended up taking a hot shower instead and now I'm just blogging. When is this retrograde leaving?! I guess I'm going to channel my funk into some kind of creativity, like finalizing the playlist. I hope it sticks!

Did you guys see the MET Gala? Any favorites? I think once again, hands down Rihanna was best dressed followed by Zendaya, Ruth Negga and Zoe Kravitz. I found it kind of boring this year, I think everyone played it too safe once again. That's why these girls were my favorite.

Okay, I'm off to making this playlist. Talk to you soon!