May 3, 2017

Playlist: May 2017

I finally did it guys. I made a playlist again! I know there wasn't one in April, but I decided to make two this month to make it up. Here is the part one of this month's playlist. Honestly, I hit up Spotify and browsed new music. I have Apple Music, but sometimes it's harder to find music and artists I like there unlike Spotify where I can just easily access random artists and listen to them to see if I like them. Just me? I don't know, but I made this playlist with songs I'm currently listening to non-stop. Of course my girl Lana Del Rey is in it. What kind of playlist would it be without her? Especially when waiting for the summer. That's another factor in this playlist: SUMMER. Hope these songs get you in the mood and give you awesome vibes while we wait for summer!