May 1, 2017


How's it going? I know, another work week, but it's another day to be grateful for. I'm currently making this month's mood board and looking for songs for the first half of the month's playlist (since I didn't do one for April), so I'll keep today's intro short.

Not much going on right now, just dealing with on/off rain, which is much needed. Regardless, it's freaking hot! I can't wait to spend my summer at the beach, I'm looking a little pale. Anywho, I went to Portofino on Saturday, which I never been to, and it was pretty good. It was a friend's Graduation day so we had a late dinner.

Yesterday, my sister and I explored a bit. We live near farmlands, so we usually like to take drives for a bit to destress. Then we went to Target and I made these awesome buys. I've been wanting to read The Girls for the longest, and The Last of August is the sequel to A Study In Charlotte, which I posted about last week. I also mentioned that my friend Steph and I are starting a book club, which I'm really excited about. Wine, coffee and books! Not all in the same order. So we are starting with The Girls.

Anyway, this was me earlier. Listen, I love stripes. I live for stripes. I have a lot of stripes in my closet, but these past two semesters have been all about basic colors. And flannel. But since summer is right around the corner, I'm bringing my stripes back. I'm also loosing weight, so I'm feeling myself.

I'm off to finish the mood board. I'm also thinking of cleaning out my blog and have a semi-fresh start. Oh...tonight's the MET Gala, can't wait to see the dresses. Talk to you soon and happy Monday!