April 24, 2017

Books: April Edition

So I was perusing through Target last weekend and stumbled upon these three gems. I finished all three books within a week! Like I said in my previous post, that's how much free time I have right now. Much needed free time because I missed reading for myself. I can't wait to read more actually. My friend Steph and I are thinking of starting a book club. I mean, it was eventually going to happen to me, so why not have something great to look forward to this summer. It won't be strictly books, we are thinking of watching movies as well. I'm already picturing my little reviews for my blog. I really need to plan this out now that I'm thinking about it. Anyway, lets get to it!

The first book I read was The Way I Used To Be by Amber Smith. It's a YA novel about a teen going through her downward spiral after being raped by someone she knew. It's pretty gut-wrenching seeing her cope with it but also not coping with it. I honestly think adults should read YA novels, because a) they're pretty good and b) I wish I had these novels when I was a teenager. I finished the book in about a day or so, because I wanted to know what happens next. I think that's the point of the novel, what will Eden do next? I recommend it if you're steeling reeling from watching 13 Reasons Why.

The third book I simply chose based on the book cover (lol) but as soon as I read the short synopsis I was intrigued. A Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro, tells the story of the descendants of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. Jamie Watson is on scholarship at this posh boarding school where he finally meets Charlotte Holmes. Within a week of being there, Jamie and Charlotte are being framed for the murder of a classmate. I was pretty hooked by the story by the second chapter, and it's a different take on the dynamic duo because these descendants are teenagers in the modern world. The book is told from Jamie's POV and depicts Charlotte as a madwoman - or madteenager - who much rather spend time in her tiny lab than being involved in school activities. I loved their banter, and although I have not read a lot of the Sherlock Holmes novels, I can see where her personality aligns with the famous detective. I'd like to thank the movies, specifically the ones with Robert Downey Jr for this because I can totally picture her in him. I'm really excited to continue reading the trilogy. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

The final book is Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler, which I must say was the most adult book I've read thus far. Honestly, I don't know how I feel about it. There are parts which I liked and other parts made me frustrated, but it was entertaining seeing Tess trying to navigate a new city all by herself. And by new city I mean New York. She leaves her town which she doesn't mention until we near the end of the book. No reason. She just leaves. We also don't find out her name till wayyyyy later in the book. She gets a job at a restaurant in Union Square which she totally sucks at. She shies away from everyone and tries to do her best until one of the older servers begins to teach her about food and wine. So I guess foodies will enjoy all the food talk, because I did but not enough. I was more interested in where the wine came from. Tess then falls for the bad boy bartender who doesn't give her the time of day (I got a James Dean meets Austin Butler in The Carrie Diaries vibe off of him), and eventually starts making friends with her co-workers. Food, wine, sex, drugs...perfect for the 22 year-old navigating a new city. There is a lot going on and felt like the ending was a little vague, however, I enjoyed her personality beginning to shine towards the end. It's a coming of age story, and I liked that it was a very flawed female character and her extremely flawed friends.

So there you have it. My short little reviews of how these books made me feel. I really can't wait to continue reading and looking for books that will make me think and feel. If you have any recommendations, please feel free to share!