April 26, 2017


April 24, 2017

Books: April Edition

So I was perusing through Target last weekend and stumbled upon these three gems. I finished all three books within a week! Like I said in my previous post, that's how much free time I have right now. Much needed free time because I missed reading for myself. I can't wait to read more actually. My friend Steph and I are thinking of starting a book club. I mean, it was eventually going to happen to me, so why not have something great to look forward to this summer. It won't be strictly books, we are thinking of watching movies as well. I'm already picturing my little reviews for my blog. I really need to plan this out now that I'm thinking about it. Anyway, lets get to it!

The first book I read was The Way I Used To Be by Amber Smith. It's a YA novel about a teen going through her downward spiral after being raped by someone she knew. It's pretty gut-wrenching seeing her cope with it but also not coping with it. I honestly think adults should read YA novels, because a) they're pretty good and b) I wish I had these novels when I was a teenager. I finished the book in about a day or so, because I wanted to know what happens next. I think that's the point of the novel, what will Eden do next? I recommend it if you're steeling reeling from watching 13 Reasons Why.


I'm officially done with this semester. I don't want to talk about it ever again. On a good note, I don't have to worry about school till this Fall...my final semester. I can't wait to graduate and do things. Not like I'm not doing things now, but I won't have school to worry about anymore.

Moving on. I bought three new books last weekend and I read them all. That's how much free time I'm having lately and I love it. I'll talk more about it in my next post. I'm seriously enjoying my downtime lately, I literally did nothing this weekend. I read, read some more, caught up on my social media, and read. I finally started the gym again today. I hate it, but I told my sister to push me to go. We have both been on a health kick and this time I feel like it's finally going to stick, even if I'm typing this while munching on my quesadilla. Don't judge me, I said I started the gym again today. Anyway, I'm saving my energy for the next post. Here are some snaps from this past week. Talk to you soon!

P.S. I know I haven't done this month's playlist, and I think I'm going to skip it because there is only one week left until April is over. So I was thinking of doing two playlists for May. One in the beginning and towards the middle. Stay tuned!

April 17, 2017


It's what I hope to be my last week of this semester. I don't even know how I feel about this semester overall. I'm just glad I have the summer off of school and I hope to enjoy it and make the most of it because I really need it. I hope you had a nice Easter Sunday. It was my best friend's birthday Saturday, so we had a little get-together yesterday. It was nice seeing my godchildren and just hanging out with her family.

Besides that, my sister's birthday was on the 11th and I can't believe she is 20. TWENTY! That's crazy. One more year and we are for sure partying. TWENTY!!

Anyway, I'm going to make this post short and simple since I'm outlining a paper before I go to school. Have a wonderful Monday!

April 4, 2017


April 2, 2017

Mood Board: April

I can't believe it's April already. I associate Spring with April more than I do with March for as long as I can remember, Flowers blooming, floral prints, fresh haircuts. That's what I was inspired when creating this month's Mood Board. Prints, floral and neutral colors. I hope it inspires you too.

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