March 1, 2017


Hey guys! I am alive! Sorry for the silence lately, but I needed to step back and take a break from everything for a while. School has been taking much of my time, but now I am back and ready to dive into the blog again. A lot has happened but I don't feel like talking about it much. School is school. Work is work. I'm currently nursing a cold again, which sucks big time. My immune system is a bust, and I am actually looking for a doctor. HELP, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO ADULT!

No seriously, I just got health insurance and I haven't been to a doctor in forever, so this feels brand new to me. Oh the joy. I seriously need to go though. I have this cough that never goes away and it drives me bananas.

Anyway, I can't wait to focus on my blog again, even if it's little things. My laptop is still a bust, and I am saving up to get a new one. Hopefully that will be soon! In the meantime, thanks for being patient. Talk to you soon!