March 4, 2017


It's been kind of quiet since my sister isn't home. She's away at a music festival for the weekend, and yes, I miss her. In the meantime, I'm using her laptop to Netflix and blog. It's what I've been doing since last night. Ha, ha. So far I've watched Under the Tuscan Sun and Chicago. Amazing. I forgot how much I enjoyed watching these movies. OMG and Catherine Zeta-Jones is goals. She was amazing in Chicago. Diane Lane...a goddess. Ugh. Such goals.



I did get some fresh air today. My chronic cough has been a pain and I refuse to stay holed up at home. So I went out and did a little shopping. Old Navy had a sale, so I bought a cute pair of jeans, a shirt and a dress. Then Marshall's is next door and I ended up buying two dresses, same cut but different color. I think I'm going to wear one to a concert I'm accompanying my friend to tomorrow.

When I got home I gave myself a mani/pedi and I straightened my hair. Did I mention that I'm lightening my hair? I currently have an ombre which needs another round of bleach and toning to even it all out.

I'm back to binge-watching and drinking my apple/cinnamon/ginger tea as I continue to miss my sister. Talk to you later loves.