March 28, 2017


March 27, 2017


So I finished Milk & Honey in like a day. In an hour. In less than an hour actually, and I loved it. I related to Rupi Kaur when it came to the love and dealing with break-ups, and I definitely felt the "Girl Power" towards the end. I googled her and she's younger than me and started posting her writing on Instagram. I can be doing this too, but I'm lazy and lack motivation. Womp. No seriously, she's kind of an inspiration and once this semester is over, I have the whole summer NOT going to school, so let the exploring and writing begin then. I recommend the book guys, it's a worth the read.

I have been watching Big Little Lies (I don't know if i mentioned it before), and WHY IS IT A LIMITED MINI SERIES?? Seriously, every time an episode ends I am left wanting more! Sorry not sorry for the yelling, but that's how invested I am on this show. The cast is amazing. This has been their best work, and by they I mean Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, ALEXANDER SKARSGARD. The cinematography is great, the acting is great, the show is great. I want more. I'll probably end up reading the book after the show. Will I want more then?


I'm supposed to be working on the third part of my paper for Ethics class, but I'm rewatching Girls from the beginning. This final season has been pretty good, and I'm sad that it's ending. I get why the show isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I enjoy it. It makes me think about life.

Let's see what else. Oh I got new glasses from EyeBuy Direct. I chose the Fitzgerald just because I wanted something different and I already have black frames. Also, F. Scott Fitzgerald.

So it's definitely new and I love it. I already got compliments. That's definitely about it though. Just trying to get through this semester and start the summer already. Hope you're doing well. Talk to you soon!

I cried in the beginning and towards the end. It was everything I hoped it would be and I definitely felt 5 years old again.

March 21, 2017


March 20, 2017

Playlist: March 2017

I can't believe it's Spring already. This whole time change has me upside down. and now it's SPRING! Where is time going? Can it slow down for like a second? I'm still trying to figure things out here. In the meantime, here is my March - Spring soundtrack to my life. Feel the feels with me.


I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I got into casting talent for the short films we are working on and it has been a lot of fun. It's nice making a casting call then watching auditions. So many eager talent!

Anywho, I went to this bar on Friday located a little north from Wynwood. It was a loooot of fun. A lot. Of. Fun. I went with friends and basically it's a bar with drinks and arcade games. How much better can it get? It's called Taberna Las Rosas if you are interested.

Besides socializing, I've been to myself lately. I cleaned my room, so I'm kind of nesting. I also bought Milk & Honey which I'm pretty excited to read!

That's about it guys. Spring is here. I've been hitting the gym. I have a wedding to go to in May. Everything is good! Talk to you soon!

March 14, 2017


March 12, 2017


That Daylight Savings huh? I woke up at 2 o'clock feeling guilty, but technically in my brain it was 1 o'clock instead so I didn't feel THAT bad. Regardless, it hasn't helped me with halting my laziness this weekend. I should be making notes and studying but instead I'm blogging. My escape. Even if it's just for a little while. I figured I'd share snaps of what's been going on. More like what I've been up to. It involves taking drives to the beach to eat pizza. I went to a concert last weekend to see a UK band called Moose Blood. The lead singer is cute. Then I decided to lighten my hair so I got an ombre. Oh, and I chopped some of my hair off on Friday, so I did another round of bleaching and toning. That's my life thus far. Hope you're doing well. Talk to you soon!

March 4, 2017

Mood Board: March

I made this mood board in less than 10 minutes. I guess that's how inspired I've been. More like how my creative eye/mind has been on a high right now. I was a bit deflated last week and being sick doesn't help my mood, but I'm glad I feel inspired among the little things. I guess, have a day or two to yourself to pick yourself right up and keep going. Things don't happen for  reason, but that doesn't mean you should give up. That's what I'm sticking to. Moving on and doing better. Enjoy!

links: elizabeth olsen | tumblr | tumblr | art | graphics | kat graham


It's been kind of quiet since my sister isn't home. She's away at a music festival for the weekend, and yes, I miss her. In the meantime, I'm using her laptop to Netflix and blog. It's what I've been doing since last night. Ha, ha. So far I've watched Under the Tuscan Sun and Chicago. Amazing. I forgot how much I enjoyed watching these movies. OMG and Catherine Zeta-Jones is goals. She was amazing in Chicago. Diane Lane...a goddess. Ugh. Such goals.



I did get some fresh air today. My chronic cough has been a pain and I refuse to stay holed up at home. So I went out and did a little shopping. Old Navy had a sale, so I bought a cute pair of jeans, a shirt and a dress. Then Marshall's is next door and I ended up buying two dresses, same cut but different color. I think I'm going to wear one to a concert I'm accompanying my friend to tomorrow.

When I got home I gave myself a mani/pedi and I straightened my hair. Did I mention that I'm lightening my hair? I currently have an ombre which needs another round of bleach and toning to even it all out.

I'm back to binge-watching and drinking my apple/cinnamon/ginger tea as I continue to miss my sister. Talk to you later loves.

March 1, 2017


Movies: March Mood Board

Here it is guys! Picking movies for this month was a no brainer simply because I'm sort of researching for my crew's thesis film and my friend told me to watch Adult World to get a vibe and feel of what we are trying to achieve. I honestly can say that I liked it, and it was relatable and funny. It's on Netflix if you'd like to give it a go. Bonus, Evan Peters is in it. So that started the theme of this mood board. Loneliness, isolation, rejection, depression. I can go on.

links: Adult World | Girl, Interrupted | The Virgin Suicides | The Perks of Being a Wallflower 

This was supposed to be posted around January and here we are on the first day of March. Sorry again guys, but I hope you enjoy!


Hey guys! I am alive! Sorry for the silence lately, but I needed to step back and take a break from everything for a while. School has been taking much of my time, but now I am back and ready to dive into the blog again. A lot has happened but I don't feel like talking about it much. School is school. Work is work. I'm currently nursing a cold again, which sucks big time. My immune system is a bust, and I am actually looking for a doctor. HELP, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO ADULT!

No seriously, I just got health insurance and I haven't been to a doctor in forever, so this feels brand new to me. Oh the joy. I seriously need to go though. I have this cough that never goes away and it drives me bananas.

Anyway, I can't wait to focus on my blog again, even if it's little things. My laptop is still a bust, and I am saving up to get a new one. Hopefully that will be soon! In the meantime, thanks for being patient. Talk to you soon!