January 10, 2017


It's so tough not being able to blog as much as I want to with an iffy laptop. The not knowing if it's going to shut off or not is really annoying, but I'm working on getting a new one. It'll be a while so in the meantime I'm writing this from my phone.

How was your weekend? I spent mine cleaning out my closet and making a pile of clothes I no longer wear and is currently sitting outside my room waiting to be donated. I have a lot of clothes and I can't believe I have that much clothes and in the end only wear like five things lol. It happens. So part of my resolutions this year is to donate clothes and books I don't need anymore. So yay to that!!

I just painted my nails this lovely blue-black color which I will not be posting here because I'm a mess when it comes to painting nails. I'm too clumsy but the color is really nice. It's by Essie and it was given to me for Christmas along with this awesome glass nail file. I'm supposed to be reading for tomorrow's class BUT I decided I needed a mani and pedi instead. I mean, I'll get the reading done it's just I really needed a mani and pedi.

I'm also still working on this months playlist. I don't know why it's taking me so long. Well one, my laptop issue. And two, I think I'm overthinking the music for this month. Like I want it to be good but  I also don't want to repeat myself. It'll get done though, I promise.

Well I'm just stopping by to say hello. I'm about to watch Obama's final speech. Are you watching? I'm going to miss him. Anyway, talk to you later!