January 29, 2017


So last night I had dinner with my sister, Michelle, and our friends Erick and Domi at Moshi Moshi in South Beach. It was a total random plan, well not really random because we had discussed that we wanted sushi but usually our plans fall through. In the end, it was a nice night with food and walking around a bit. It's really nice to just take some time out of your busy schedule and hang out with friends and just be out there in society lol.

When I'm in the mood for sushi I usually get overwhelmed with the varieties and different kinds of sushi. I usually get a dragon roll and I really could not decide what the hell kind of sushi I wanted. I ended up getting the spicy tuna roll and miso soup. Regardless it was delicious!

I'm just rambling now. I know I've been behind on my movie/tv boards so I think I'll work on that and post it as soon as I can. Reminder: the SAG awards are tonight! I can't wait!

Anywho, talk to you soon lovelies! Hope you're warm and cozy wherever you are.