January 2, 2017


I think everyone can agree with 2016 being a weird, "wtf" year. I don't even want to think about it anymore. Let's look at 2017 with a fresh new vibe! I rang in the new year with a cold, so I was half dazed, half alert. I also slept a lot and now my head hurts for sleeping a lot but you know, can't help it anymore. I  feel way better, just congested. 2017, you are going to be wild. I haven't given much thought to resolutions, just the usual "drink more water, work out, etc." I can't really think when I'm sick so I'm sure I will once I feel my best.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday. My break was nice. I start Spring semester this Wednesday and I'm pretty excited to just finish and graduate already. SO CLOSE BUT SO FAR AWAY. It's going to happen though. Here are a couple of pictures that highlighted my break. More like me using my new iphone camera...haha. I'm rambling and not making any sense, and for that I apologize. I'm going to post now. Talk to you soon!