November 9, 2016


So THAT happened. I was following the election results last night until I couldn't handle it anymore. There were so many feelings: rage, confusion, astonishment, grief, you name it. The rants between my sister, best friend and me still continue today, and the fear of the unknown looms in our conversations. What we all agree on is that yes change is coming, but we, women of color, can still make a difference and fight for what we believe in. All the negative comments on social media is not going to change the results. Yes, rant all you want, I'm not saying you shouldn't but lets start making that change. It's time to wake up and make a difference and help pave a better world for our future children, their children. and their children's children. It is up to us! I'll leave it as is right now. There's not much I want to say anymore.

Hope. Change. Peace. Love. Kindness.