November 3, 2016


It's finally Thursday! I've been getting busy lately so that's always a good thing. I'm working on another group project tomorrow where we have to recreate a scene. We chose Only Good Forgives directed by Nicolas Winding Refn. He's directed Drive and most recently The Neon Demon which I have not seen. That's another movie going down on my list. Drive I did see and it's one of my favorite movies. Plus, staring at Ryan Gosling is quite the bonus. So yeah, I can't wait to set up the scenes and shoot.


My sister has to watch a movie for her Cinema Appreciation class, so yay me. We want to see Moonlight which was directed by Barry Jenkins. I didn't know much about it until Sweet ran a post on Snapchat, and then it started to show up on my Facebook feed. So I looked it up, saw the trailer and it looks great. It was filmed here in Miami (which I didn't know), and it's pretty much a coming of age story during the "War on Drugs" era. I'm really excited to see it. Also, Mahershala Ali is in, who I think is brilliant. Have you seen him in House of Cards? Luke Cage? I'm a fan!


Moving on from movies, I have been giving Instagram Stories a try. I can see why some people prefer it over Snapchat, but I love Snapchat more. I think Snapchat offers more than Instagram stories, plus I feel like I can be silly on Snapchat than on Instagram. I will continue to use it thought because not everyone I know follows me on Snapchat.

Anyway, I'm going to prepare for my Thursday TV lineup. Oh, I will be working on this month's playlist some time this weekend so keep an eye on that. Hope you're having a fabulous Thursday!