November 2, 2016

Movies: November Mood Board

Okay, so I have seen three out of these four movies. I know, how in the world have I not seen Her already? It's sitting in my DVR and I always find myself reblogging posts on Tumblr, but I haven't sat myself down and actually watched the movie. The film was directed by Spike Jonze who btw was married to Sofia Coppola. Why do I bring that up? Well Her has been compared to Coppola's Lost in Translation which may or may not have been based on Coppola and Jonze's marriage at the time. You learn something new everyday huh? Also, I love Sofia Coppola so whenever someone brings her up I get excited.

(500) Days of Summer has a place in my heart. I can write an essay explaining why I love (500) Days of Summer so much. It's one of my favorite movies, not because I'm a sucker for love stories, but this is not a love story. It's real life. Not only does it star two of my favorites, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Zooey Deschanel, but it redefined how I view relationships as a whole. The movie shows a relationship between a boy and a girl, and it's not perfect. They are flawed and horrible to each other, and it makes it much more realistic. Whether you're a Tom or a Summer, or both, you'll find ways to relate to both of them. It made me question a lot about myself as a person in a relationship and how one-sided relationships can be. It also came out during a time where I was lost emotionally and mentally, and also reignited my love for writing and all things hipster.

Brooklyn was one of my favorite movies of 2015. Saoirse Ronan was great in the movie and reminded me how amazing of an actress she is. Don't believe me? Watch Atonement. The movie is so beautiful, the scenery is amazing especially recreating Brooklyn circa 1950s. Bonus, it also takes place in Ireland which is on my travel bucket list. Besides how aesthetically pleasing the movie is, the film follows Ronan's Ellis on her journey to a better life. She leaves her family behind to start a life across the sea and falls in love. When tragedy strikes, she goes back home to Ireland and starts to feel comfortable once again until she is reminded of how restricted she will be if she stays. It's a must watch!

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, like (500) Days of Summer, really made me question life in general. I was not as into it when it first came out but I found myself watching it one day out of the blue and remember feeling sad after watching it. Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet were a great pair together on screen and it was a surprise to me because Jim Carrey will always be the funny guy and Kate Winslet is Rose DeWitt Bukater on her maiden voyage in Titanic. This movie really gets you thinking when it comes to moving on from a relationship and can it be fixed? Is it worth it?

So yeah, these are my top four November movie board I recommend watching them and rewatching them until you feel the feels. And yes, I will watch Her eventually 

links: (500) Days of Summer | Brooklyn | Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind | Her

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