October 19, 2016


On Wednesday's we wear pink! Or in my case at least get inspired and write on pretty pink notebooks. I had the intention of  making a bullet journal over the summer and of course, that didn't happen. I think I stopped around July-ish and then completely forgot about it. Because my attempt at making a weekly bullet journal was a bust, I got sad looking at all the empty pages and I naturally ripped those pages out and decided to start again with the month of October. Yeah, I'll write daily reminders, but mostly I'm going to use it to motivate myself to be more productive and organized again. My goal is that it'll help me motivate to write at least short stories, even if it's for myself.

On a good note, I finally received my Mario Badescu skin care samples. It seemed like I did the questionnaire ages ago, but I finally got my samples today in the mail. I can't wait to try it out tonight. I would have started immediately, but I think night time is better and it's when I usually wash my face. Right now I'm using Cetaphil and it's doing womders for my skin but I want to branch out and see what else works. Also, my sister got me hooked on Mario Badescu so there's that.

I'm feeling a little under the weather today, so I'm writing from my bed while season three of Grey's Anatomy is on. I love that show, no matter what anyone thinks. Meredith and Cristina FOREVER! So, I'm going to post a bit and then work on ideas until American Horror Story starts or I get hungry. Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday!