October 11, 2016


The weather has been lovely these past few days. The wonderful breeze left from Matthew. South Florida was quite lucky with it being a strong Category 4. I've been looking for ways to donate to the less fortunate, like the people of Haiti. I really need to dig deep and do my research before I send donations like food and clothes. So that's what I'll be doing for the next couple of days.

I have been making it a habit of watching a documentary whenever I can. It's helped with my binge watching habit, and I feel like I learn something every time I watch a documentary. So far I've watched The Hunting Ground, Audrie & Daisy (both are about sexual assault victims). Last night I watch Ava DuVernay's 13th and I was speechless after watching it. The documentary is about the 13th Amendment and how it led to the nation's mass incarceration within the African American community. Trust me, it's a must watch. There was a quote from one of the interviewer's that stuck with me, and that was "you have to shock people into paying attention." And it's true. With this day and age of technology, if something goes wrong or is questionable, a video pops up on YouTube or Facebook, and most of the time it's shocking and it gets people talking. I don't know if history is repeating itself, but we are living in a world where women and people of color are fighting for their life and for their voices to be heard. How did we get here again? Maybe the issues weren't further expressed within the years, or maybe it lay dormant until someone died or was assaulted. It's a scary world. Makes me feel like I need to be more involved and stop ignoring the issues.

Ok, I'm going to make a playlist now. My mind has been all over the place lately, and what better way than to use my creative outlets??? Thanks for listening, and check out the documentaries. They're all on Netflix. Talk to you soon.