October 27, 2016


I woke up today thinking it was Friday. It feels like a Friday, and the gloomy weather doesn't help making it feel like a Friday. It started to pour last night and it helped me fall asleep so that was nice. When I woke up today I saw gloom and could hear the wet pavement from the cars passing by. What I miss about the old house is my old room window, and how the rain hit it no matter what. It was such a calming effect. Not here though. Regardless of the rain, it gives me an excuse to wear my comfy ass sweaters. I love sweaters and was debating on whether to wear boots today but I opted for flats. It was a quick errand anyway. I will probably wear boots tomorrow with another comfy sweater.

Anywho, not much planned for today. It's Thursday which means it's Grey's Anatomy day, also RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars reunion is tonight, as well as Finding Prince Charming. I'm going to Downtown tomorrow morning so that should be fun. I guess I'll leave you with a couple of posts. I'm already preparing November's mood boards. I can't wait to finish it. Talk to you soon lovelies!