October 25, 2016

Music: Lady Gaga

I have been a fan of Lady Gaga since she began her career. It took me a while, but Just Dance, Poker Face and Paparazzi caught on. Then there was The Fame Monster and Bad Romance changed the game for me. My all time favorite Gaga song is Bad Romance. I won't hear for a while and then it pops up on my shuffle and remember why I love Gaga so much. I'll admit, Born This Way and Artpop were not entirely my favorite albums. Yeah, I love You and I, G.U.Y, and so forth, but The Fame Monster will remain my favorite album.

Then there is Joanne. And wow, it is completely different to what we are used to hearing from Gaga. I love it. Dancin' in Cirlces is on repeat, and OMG FLORENCE WELCH IS IN IT! I don't even know how to review Joanne, but I love it and I will sing and dance to it. Of course, not only did she team up with Mark Ronson but she also collaborated with Tame Impala, one of my favorite bands. There are a couple of songs where you hear Tame Impala's influence. Also, how gorgeous does she look?  Overall, I love the album. I love Lady Gaga, always and forever.

This is literally me right now listening to Dancin' in Circles. Give the album a listen guys, it is totally worth it!


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