October 25, 2016

Movies: October Mood Board

I decided to make mood boards for not just film, but also television. Like my inspiration mood boards, it would be monthly. I think it's also a way to keep my tags and pages tidy, and if you haven't seen the movies and/or tv I post then it's a lovely way for me to recommend them.

I love movies. It's the main reason I got into filmmaking and going to school for. To learn the business and movie making, it's what I love the most about movies. The pre-production, production, post-production, it's the movie magic that attracted me to being a film major. I have learned so much during my time in school, I have two more semesters to go and the thought of what I'm going to do afterwards frightens me, but filmmaking is what I love to do.

I wasn't thinking of a specific theme in making the movie mood board above. In the end, I realized that the themes are pretty much isolation and crazy. They are also aesthetically pleasing and filled with drama. I posted the IMDB links below for your viewing pleasure. Hope you like them!

links: Stoker | Lost in Translation | Anna Karenina | Gone Girl

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