October 31, 2016


Happy Halloween lovelies! I had quite the productive weekend, and I'm quite tired haha. My sister and I spent the weekend taking pictures in Downtown, 8th street and Wynwood. I didn't mind it at all since it was nice to get out of the house for a bit. Still, gas isn't cute. She got good pictures and we discovered places we didn't even know existed.  I bought us these cute evil eye necklaces. Mine is blue which signifies protection and hers is red which means courage. Best $10 I ever spent.

I finally finished binged watching The Fall. I don't even know what to do with myself now that it's over. So many feels guys. Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan are quite the pair. I think it was a nice resolution to the series if it is the end, but at least to the Paul Specter storyline. Yeah it was slow paced but the last episode really picked up and left me with a WTF face. I love it. I will rewatch the whole series from the beginning.

Anyway, Happy Halloween again. I didn't dress up in full costume but I subconsciously dressed up in black leggings, stripped shirt and black boots. Bandit or regular everyday outfit? Either way it works for class. I especially love seeing the kids costumes on Facebook feed. It warms my heart and takes me to my own various costumes growing up. I hope you enjoy today and please stay safe!