October 7, 2016


Good Evening Readers. So South Florida got spared from Hurricane Matthew, but not the rest of the Floridian coast or Georgia, South Carolina and possibly North Carolina coasts. So if you live anywhere of the storms projection, please stay safe!

On a good note, it's been a pretty lazy two days off for mostly everyone. Watching the news made me feel all melancholic and hopeless because of the storms destruction, so I have been catching up on my Thursday shows like Grey's Anatomy and RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars. Also, I'm pretty hooked on Finding Prince Charming which is after RuPaul. A little comedy is much needed after such a somber mood. I'm currently waiting for my sister to get home with pizza. I'm starving and these carrots with ranch dip will not suffice.

Again, if you live near or on the storms path, please be safe. Think of your neighbors if they need help and of course the pets!