October 27, 2016

Fashion: Halloween Ideas

So Halloween is literally around the corner. It's kind of weird that it's on a Monday, it kind of kills the buzz of it being on a weekend. Then again, it's great for the kids. Now as an adult there's a lot of thought to put into a costume if you celebrate Halloween, unlike when you were a kid and you simply could pass as anything you wanted. I haven't dressed up in quite a while, like actually went out of my way and dressed up. Last year I wore a striped shirt and a beret and called it a day. The year before I was Lydia Deetz. Nothing like a simple black dress, fedora and boots couldn't handle. This year, I'm not so sure. Here are a couple of Halloween ideas though. I like every one of them and they're so easy to achieve without going out and spending so much on a costume you are only going to wear once. Hope you like my picks. I will post the second batch tomorrow!

60 Second Style: Last Minute Halloween Costume/2ndPlace

DIY Halloween Costume: Wednesday Addams

#101 Dalmatians #diy #halloween

DIY Halloween Costume: Furiosa

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