September 20, 2016


Can you guys believe Brange is over? I remember when Jennifer and Brad broke up but I never thought Brange was going to break up too. What a time to be alive. Look, I know there are serious stuff going on in the world, but I guess this can be a distraction. It just sucks overall.

Anyway, guess what I love about September besides it being my birthday month? ALL THE SHOWS COME BACK! Tonight it is New Girl for me. I guess I'll watch Scream Queens, I'm not that into it, but John Stamos is in it and you can't go wrong with Uncle Jessie. Then American Horror Story came back last week, and I am hooked on it already. Grey's Anatomy Thursday...I need to make space on my DVR. What are you guys watching?

I'm also rereading the All Souls Trilogy because IT IS SO DAMN GOOD. Also, I was sort of confused with the science behind it, so I like rereading to see what I missed the first time. I have a lot of free time now, so I'm just pretty much pampering myself and giving myself mental health breaks, Now is the time where I'll be working on this blog. I will never give up this blog. Also, follow my style blog over at tumblr, CosmicLoveStyle. Anywho, talk to you soon! Hope you're all doing well!