May 19, 2016


Hello Everyone. Big change as you can see. If you had trouble accessing the blog before, I apologize. I made the decision to no go ahead and continue with Cosmicshiftstudio, and resorted to Cosmic-Shift. Simply because I have no idea where this blog is going, and it'll be easier to search if I decided to not go forth with the blog in the future. I am not going anywhere at the moment. I do have plans for the blog, I just need more time and dedication, and after, I don't know three or four years, I still haven't really found my voice for the blog. I have kept it organized, but I'm still working on it. I'm fixing the links as soon as this post is over, and will update the links from Twitter, Pinterest, Polyvore, and Tumblr. Bare with me. I know I always say that, but please do, and thank you for still coming here. I'm doing my best. Love you all.