May 2, 2016


Good Monday everybody! Can you believe we are in May. May 2nd to be exact. Also, Princess Charlotte is turning one today. Why can't time just stand still for a bit. Like slow down, it was 2015 like five months ago. Still longing for a great summer trip and here is to actually going through with it. *Raises Starbucks cup* This is where I want to be right now...

Spring semester is officially over. I passed my classes of course. I start Summer classes next week, so it's going back to me complaining. But a good complaining. The first half of the summer the class is going to film a movie with a professor, and the second half is editing said movie. Sounds like fun. I hope to graduate next Spring too, so here's to hoping and wishing everything goes smoothly.

I have a lot of time to kill while I'm not working, so it's a lot of Netflix and Pinterest for me. I haven't seen Game of Thrones episode two yet. Yes, I know, but I will not be writing about it. Of course I'll be posting here. Have a wonderful start to the week!