April 27, 2016


Guys....today is my last day of Spring classes, I am so happy I WANT TO CRY! I don't know exactly how I feel about this semester, it sure had its ups and downs, but I am so glad it's over! Then my last day of work is on Friday, then I have a week off before Summer classes start and the madness begins again. But you know, it's almost over. I see the light! The thought of going out and actually look for work in my field when I graduate makes me anxious, but I need to start looking now.

Anyway, I hope you past all your finals if you're in school. Rest up, relax, and everything will be okay! I am thinking of making one of my playlists for the Summer, just have to think of a great mix, because I do plan to travel and I hope you'll like it. So look out for that sometime this week. It's going to be okay! Talk to you soon!