April 6, 2016


Can you believe we are in April already? My sister's birthday is next Monday and I'm here sitting in my chair, typing this as nostalgia hits me. We are nine years apart and it always reminds me how old I am (and keep getting). How time flies! We are planning to go to a Safari Adventure which apparently is right around the corner from where we live. I have lived in Miami my whole life and I'm still discovering things in this big city. Also, I'm itching to leave and explore other cities. Besides that, I have three weeks left of spring semester and I can't wait to have a whole week of doing nothing! Then it's back to summer classes, but with open availability to travel. I can't wait. I need a proper vacation. What are you guys up to this summer? Do tell. I'm off to find inspiration on Pinterest, and of course I'll share my findings with you all! Talk to you soon!