April 28, 2016

TV: What I'm Watching

Not much. I haven't been watching much except having Grey's as background noise. Actually, I do this to myself, watching Grey's Anatomy for the billionth time for comfort or when I'm down. I'm either having a very Meredith or Cristina day. Lately, it's been pretty Meredith. I tried to stop watching it, but once you watch an episode you can't make it stop, especially when you have access to it on Netflix.

I did see Daredevil Season 2 ,twice, because it's that good. I started House of Cards, but didn't finish the recent season. I'm probably going to restart it, start fresh. But my latest TV accomplishment is getting all caught up with New Girl and I'm loving this season. The will Jess and Nick get back together is there, but the real star is Winston. He's just too funny and I'm glad he holds his own in the loft.

So that's where I stand right now with television, so thank you Netflix for being able to binge watch and rewatch my favorite shows. I plan to do it a lot this summer with my time off.

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