April 27, 2016

Music: Beyonce + Lemonade

So if you've been living under a rock, Beyonce released her visual album on Saturday on HBO, and it has been an awakening for the Beyhive. I am not going to break it down and dissect the meaning and story behind her songs, because it's all there. You see it in the way she carries the videos, in the lyrics, in the visuals. It's pretty much a big F-U, but you know what, she's Beyonce and she can do whatever she wants. You can hear and see the whole album on iTunes and Amazon I believe, not sure about Tidal. You know, her husband's company. Regardless, it's worth the watch and listen. Study it, break it down. Here are some gifs to get you pumped! And if you're going to her concerts, lucky you! I hope you have a great time witnessing greatness!

Love Droughts



Long Live Queen Bee!

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