February 7, 2016


Happy Super Bowl Sunday! What are you guys up to today? Is Super Bowl your thing? I'm in it for the commercials and performances of course. I used to gather with friends and we'd watch together but everyone moved away or are working, and I'm here with an itchy throat laying in bed as I type this post while watching the Kick-Off show.

Anyway, I realized that I haven't posted much of what's been going on in my life from Instagram, and they had made it quite annoying in finding the link to post to the blog so I have to upload them.

Regardless, life still consists of school and work and little outings here and there. Part of my New Year Resolution was to take photography and go out more. Who knew taking pictures for my photography class led me to actually go out! It's been quite fun! I hope you're doing well and enjoy watching the Super Bowl.