January 25, 2016


STRANGER DANGER! Yes, that's me! I'm really tired of telling myself "Yeah, today I'm going to blog and update it and fix it," then school happens, work happens, then I'm tired and forget about it. I am sooooo sorry. I really am trying my best to manage my time better.

Not much to catch you up with either, We had a baby shower for my best friend yesterday, in lovely 50 something degree weather. Miami has been up and down with her weather. Last week it was cold, then it was raining, then it got hot, then rain again, and then beautiful 50 degree weather. I wish I was in snow actually, and I know if you lived the blizzard you are wishing for warmth, want to trade for a day or two?

I really want to curl up in bed and talk to you guys all day, but life is calling me. I hope to get better with my time and set aside days to work on the blog. I know I can. Talk to you soon!