November 15, 2015


So everyone in the department I work in seem to be sick and it finally caught up to me this weekend. I have this sore itchy throat and pretty ugly cough, so I'm taking it easy. The weather seems to fit my mood as well, it's been gloomy since Thursday, and raining since Friday and I love it. I'm finally wearing a sweater and it's chilly and windy and gloomy and it feels like Fall showers is finally here. My sister was gone for the weekend to celebrate a dear friend's birthday on Saturday, I wish I went but alas schoolwork and projects are on my brain right now, especially since there is about 4.5 weeks left until the semester is over. I finally got an idea for a final project that I'm going to write a scrip about as soon as I get a start on one of my other projects. Crunch Time! I really can't wait for this semester to be over and Christmas and New Year's to finally be here. I need a break. Anywho, I hope you're having a great weekend. And if I have any French followers or readers, know that you're on my mind always. Stay safe.