October 28, 2015


It's the middle of the week and I already want the weekend to get here. It's been quite gloomy and windy...and humid, but that's FLORIDA for ya. I really hope it's at least chilly this "winter" but who am I kidding, it's FLORIDA! Anywho, I need to start thinking of ideas for my final project, I don't know if I've mentioned that or if I'm repeating myself, but like yeah. I think I do have an idea though I just need to research it. UGH! Life. Well, just wanted to say hello. I'm going to post a couple of Halloween DIYs for you last minute lovers. Talk to you soon!

October 25, 2015





Hola! My life is so hectic right now I don't know how I'm even functioning to write this post. But I must, because I haven't forgotten about you guy nor have I forgotten about this blog. It's my baby (figuratively speaking). Anyway, I figured I'd post a couple of things here and there and hopefully organize my time better to blog and share wonderful things with you all. By the way, can you believe that Halloween is already this upcoming Saturday? Before you know it, Thanksgiving is here then Christmas the New Years. Ahhhh! Gotta start preparing soon!

October 5, 2015


Guys, I have become the worst at remember to blog and keep you all updated. This semester has been the most productive thus far, and the most tiring. I work part-time now too, and all I want to do when I get home is SLEEP! I love my sleep, and I mean, my sleep schedule is getting better now, but I LOVE MY SLEEP!

What have I been up to? Besides school and filming group projects, work and sleeping, I've been going out a little more than I used to. I've had this urge to go out and explore my city. I've lived here for 27 years and I just decided on this.  Womp. Besides that everything is good, I'm alive and healthy. I PROMISE YOU THAT I WILL KEEP UPDATING! Not as much as I did before, but sporadically (Cher Horowitz would be so proud I used that word).

I hope you have all been good and living life. I shall post a bit today. Talk to you soon!