August 18, 2015


So my laptop charger is a bust! I wanted to work on my blog before the semester started again then my laptop charger doesn't want to charge my laptop and I haven't been able to replace it yet. THE STRUGGLE! It's barely hanging in there. Have you guys gotten your school/college supplies ready? I have been saying "See You Later" to my sister's friends since most of them are going away, and I'm prepping myself for a new semester which starts on Monday for me, and by prepare myself I mean stocking up on coffee and tea. Besides that I finished binge watching Rebelde on Netflix. OMG, talk about reliving my teenage years watching the novela everyday after school. And I forgot how great RBD was. God I miss them. I'm still the biggest Mia and Miguel shipper. UGH, I need season 2 now. I hope you guys are doing well, and hopefully I'll get a charger soon! Talk to you later lovelies!