June 30, 2015

Inspiration: Summer Hair

As I said in my previous post, I cut my hair again. I used to have long hair, but that came to an end two years ago when I cut my hair short and haven't looked back since! Don't get me wrong, I liked my long hair, but I live in Miami and it's always hot here and I have a lot of hair, so having it short/medium length has been so much easier to maintain. I have made a goal to try different hairstyles and looks for the summer which shall transition into fall hairstyles. I'm also thinking of getting an ombre as a birthday present to myself in September. SO MANY IDEAS! Anyway, here are some hairstyles I found which are easy to do and great if you're on the run!

1. Side Braid - Byrdie
2. Low Chigon - The Small Things Blog
3. Celtic Knot - Twist Me Pretty
4. Side Twist - Studded Rose
5. Layered Ponytail - Once Wed
6. Macrame Braid - Byrdie

June 25, 2015


Hi guys! A little few things to update you on. First of all, Cosmic-shift.blogspot.com is now Cosmicshiftstudio.com! I bought a domain, because I have hopes that this blog is going to stick around for a long time.

Next up, I'm going to be working on Cosmicshift for a while now, little by little, so throughout your visits, if you see something off or you click something and it's not working, it's because I'm updating it. Theme, buttons, tags, etc. I am going to invest my time on fixing the blog and make it more me! Please be patient. I also updated my links from Polyvore, Pinterest, and Tumblr to redirect here, so all is swell in that department.

Anyway, just wanted to clear that up. It is so hot here in Miami, 93 degrees apparently, but it feels like 200. No really, if I could stay in a pool all day I would. Even my Starbucks ice is melting fast.

I'm running out of wardrobe ideas because it's so hot. That, and I don't leave the house unless I really have to. I can't wait for the Fall weather. Even though it never goes below 40, I still enjoy it. I CAN"T WAIT! Well, I'm off for now. I will update and renovate my blog soon. Thanks for sticking around.

June 22, 2015

Books: Summer Reading List

I have read mix reviews about the movie adaptation to Me, and Earl, And The Dying Girl, but I'm going to watch it anyway. I really don't care what people say about movies, I believe everyone should see what they want to see despite what other people are saying about it. Watch it for yourself and you be the own judge. Anyway, I do want to read the book first, just because I prefer books to movie adaptations, although I love watching the book come to life in a movie. And I'm a film student so I'm pretty much open to everything. Me, and Earl, And The Dying Girl is this week's Summer Reading List recommendation!

June 21, 2015




Happy Father's Day to your special guy! My dad just got home from work, so we're about to grill some turkey burgers in his honor. I know I've been absent, but I have more time now to work on this blog since I'm off of school for the rest of the summer....yay! Nothing much has been going on really. My highlight of the summer thought, was the Lana Del Rey concert. OMG, magical. She is magical. It was so much fun and of course I am currently living in the post-Del Rey concert blues. It's her birthday today too, ironic if you know Lana Del Rey and Fathers. Anyway, going to blog for a bit and get ideas for the rest of the week. Hope you have a lovely Father's Day and an amazing FIRST DAY OF SUMMER!

June 11, 2015

Books: Summer Reading List

This week's Summer Reading List suggestion is John Green's Paper Towns. If you're a fan of John Green's previous book then you will enjoy this one. I'm still in the middle of reading it, so I can't say much but let's hope the synopsis helps! Here's to finishing it before the movie comes out!

June 10, 2015


Hi guys! I've been so busy these past four weeks with my summer class and babysitting but I actually have some time now to sit down and blog a little. I'm on week five of my summer class, my last day being next Thursday, and then I'm off til August where we start all over again. I'm just glad I have 12 classes left and I'm almost done. I just hope to find some work afterwards, that's the scary part. Anyway, nothing new over here. Oh yeah, I'm going to the Lana Del Rey concert on Tuesday so that counts. I can't wait to sing-along and just have a good time. Well, just wanted to say hello, off to blogging I go.

Here's today's mood:

Talk to you soon!

June 1, 2015

Books: Summer Reading List

So I decided to suggest one book a week, a reason to get back to work on this blog. It'll be books I have recently read or plan to read, yes, finally My Summer Reading List. As always, I am open for recommendations and feedback. Here is this week's book, All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. I finished it in two days and I am still not over how perfect it is. I laughed, I cried, I needed this book to remind me that life goes on. I also read Elle Fanning has signed on to play Violet for the film adaptation which is perfect because that's who I pictured while reading the book. I love a good Young Adult novel and this is definitely worth the read! Remember to also check out the Reading List on the sidebar for previous list of books I have already read.