March 9, 2015


Hi there! It is 12:22 AM so yes, I understand this is the earliest post I've ever done, but I have successfully registered for a summer term and am on season 4 of Hart of Dixie. This show has had it's ups and downs but season 4 is definitely an UP!

I had Friday off from school, which I find weird for my college to do. I mean, give us a week of Spring Break, but whatever. My sister starts hers next Friday and I have beach on my mind. I am in dire need of a tan. I can't wait!

Besides that, school is good. Life could be better. I still haven't finished Yes Please by Amy Poehler, but I will soon! I hope! I am itching for a road trip though. A really good one. Well, just wanted to pop in and say Hello! Hope you're well. Here are a couple of my Instagram shenanigans. Take care!