February 22, 2015


February 21, 2015

Inspiration: Hair Styles

1. Boho Knot Braid - A Beautiful Mess
2. Braids - The Beauty Department
3. Easy Updo - WishWishWish
4. Rodarte Braid - Hello Natural
5. Messy Upside Down French Braid Bun - The MerryThought
6. Double Side Braids - Birdie Shoots


Midterm season is here, hence my silence. However, I cannot post without reminding you guys that the Oscar's are tomorrow! Another year, another end of award season. I still haven't seen much of the nominated movies, except Gone Girl, and I don't think it's nominated, but still worth the watch. TOTALLY WORTH THE WATCH! I'm currently watching the Independent Spirit Awards, and I am just in awe. I know I will make it someday, I feel it in my bones!

What have you guys been up to? I hope you're having way much more fun than I am. I mean, I love school, but midterms not so much. It's project after project and presentations and all I want to do is cuddle in my bed by myself. The weather doesn't help either. It was about 40 degrees here in Miami, and I LOVED IT! Today, it's back to normal. Damn Florida. Anyway, going to post for a bit because my brain needs a break! Talk to you soon!

February 15, 2015


February 14, 2015


Happy Valentine's Day lovelies. Hope you're having a wonderful Saturday with your loved ones. Today, I am going to treat myself! I plan to take a nice bath, hit up Netflix and drink wine. Oh, but right now I am craving those heart-shaped doughnuts from Dunkin Donuts and their delicious white chocolate raspberry coffee...oh dear. Anyway, light posts today.


Hope you have a marvelous weekend and if you're feeling down because of the holiday remember to Treat Yo Self and love yourself first!

February 7, 2015




Happy Saturday Readers!I hope you are having a great start to the weekend, I am. I've been feeling under the weather but staying productive nonetheless. I planned a little on my EC planner. I went back to the gym earlier, and now I'm watching Batman Begins as I wait for my sister to call me to pick her up from her dinner. Productivity! I've been so low and sick, I missed two of my last classes because I knew I wasn't going to last the entire lecture, also, I didn't want to infect people. Anyway, going to lightly post today. See if I will tomorrow, which by the way, is the Grammy's, The Walking Dead returns, Girls is on, and it's the premiere of Better Call Saul. So much TV!

February 2, 2015


Sooooo, did you enjoy the Super Bowl? I did, even though I don't have a favorite team, it was fun watching it. The celebrities documenting it through social media, the Chris Evans and Chris Pratt battle, also, THE PUPPY BOWL! Always, always the Puppy Bowl. Besides that, was it me or were the commercials a tad bit depressing? I was just in my feels, commercial after commercial, and ugh. I didn't really care for the half-time show, but the memes are funny, and I am always here for Missy Elliot. She needs to come back. I was seriously feeling my inner pre-teen come out when she performed. Anyway, I have been busy with school and I'm only going to get busier, but I'm making time to post here and there. Hope you're well! I'll leave you with the amazing sharks from Katy Perry's performance and a link to the hilarious article from Vulture.