December 30, 2014


Sorry I haven't posted much this week, I've been really busy with outings, family, and having a little "me" time. I have been pushing myself into going to the gym, which I have made part of my New Year resolutions: GO TO THE GYM MORE. I think that's what I'll be doing tomorrow, thinking of good resolutions for 2015. I need to start fresh, I think everyone does, and stick to our resolutions, right? RIGHT! Let's prove everyone wrong my friends. We can do this! Positive minds, positive thoughts, positive life! I'm going to explore Polyvore and gather New Year outfits, and while I'm at it, look up last minute New Year's Eve Party DIYs. If you want to find more outfit inspiration for your New Year's Eve party, you can check out my style blog, COSMICLOVESTYLE.