October 7, 2014


Do you ladies ever buy a makeup product blind? Meaning, you can't really test it out because it is sealed and you're like "OK, I'm buying it anyway" try it out and are actually happy with the results? Yeah, that was me today when I bought a lip stain by ELF and I am completely happy with my blind decision. Beyond happy actually. I have two of Kate Moss' Rimmel London lipstick collection, and I love them because one is red and the other is a coral/peach type, but it never manages to last long. I dab it over my lips here and there to give my lips color, but this lip stain is just magical. My new favorite. Can you tell? Add a little EOS lip balm, and I am good to go!

Another lovely gem I stumbled upon today was Lena Dunham's Not That Kind Of Girl, which I am eager and excited to read after Dorian Grey. Ever bought books while you're already reading one? Yeah, I tend to do that. I see a book I like or have been wanting to read while I am already reading one, and instinctively buy it. It's wonderful, you should try it.

Also, it's good to spoil and gift yourself little things here and there. No shame in that. Anyway, I hope you're having a great Tuesday. The weather has been acting like an angsty teenager, and it looks like it'll rain and be sunny at the same time for the rest of the week. I hope you're warm out there. Stay safe and talk to you soon!