August 13, 2014

TV: Orphan Black

I vaguely remember talking about Orphan Black here, but I must bring it up again. Why has Tatiana Maslany not been recognized for her awesomeness and ethic for her many roles in Orphan Black? She is absolutely brilliant for her work and I still can't believe she plays more than 5 clones...that's all her. Different characters. Different lives. It's mind blowing.

I'm actually rewatching both seasons because that's what I normally do when I watch a series. Make sure I didn't miss anything, or if I did I'd have my "oh that's what that is" or "WTH ,how did I miss that" moments, and quite frankly there are a lot of those moments. I have so many questions too, but without giving anything away for the non-watchers, all I have to say or what I'm thinking actually is I'm trying to figure out whether or not Paul is a good guy? I mean, he has so much baggage then he's thrusted upon the clone world as a monitor and then bam,,,he disappears to come back with another set of news and surprises and I just wonder what is his deal? Yeah, he's easy on the eyes and really pretty to look at, but what are his intentions?
And then Mrs. S...I just...and Rachel Duncan! Too much going on, but I love the thrill of not knowing and guessing what's going to happen next. So yeah, those are my thoughts and concerns.

If you haven't seen Orphan Black I highly recommend it. The morals and ethics on human cloning is a serious issue in the show and it's quite intriguing. It made me interested in science again. So go! Check it out!

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