July 8, 2014


Sorry I have not been around lately. I tried to queue posts for the week, but honestly guys, I've been busy with school and papers, and I got sick last week, so everything was no bueno. I will however, post sporadically. At least I can do that right?

Anyway, school has been good so far. I have to come up with a story for a short screenplay, so my brain is on overload. Then I have to do a project for my Film business class, wondering what topic I'll pick. Overall, it's a no brainer. I hope.

I hope your 4th of July was great. I spent it with friends, BBQ and fireworks. Very Independence Day. I'm guessing it's going to be relatively quiet until September. Things always get rowdy in September, and it's not just because of my birthday. Ha.

Like I said, I've been sick, and on my downtime I've been watching Grey's Anatomy. I stopped watching it after season 2 because high school was a lot to handle back then, but thanks to Netflix, my study book and soup, Grey's Anatomy has been my best friend. I miss the original characters, George and Izzie, and Lexie and Mark will forever have my heart. Medical dramas are my thing. I'm on season 9 now and what a rollercoaster!

Alright loves, I hope you are doing well. Talk to you soon.