June 23, 2014


Monday. It was quite the day loves. I officially went back to school today, starting my day off quite early, way too early than what I'm used to. It feels good to be back though, a little intimidating, but good nonetheless. Writing has always been a thing for me, and the last time I took screenwriting was two years ago, so you can see how intimidated I may be when I have to take the second screenwriting class. I know it will be good for me, I need the challenge.

The downside of taking two classes in the summer, which are about 2 and a half each, is that they are 2 hours and a half each. It's quite long and only for six weeks, so there's A LOT of work. Regardless, I'm so happy to be back. It's going to be a good year.

Guys, I need to see more movies. I know I said I will make a list of "Movies I've Never Seen", so I will get around to that, as well as making my music playlists again. By the way, if you haven't seen Orphan Black then I suggest you do, because HOLY CLONES! Tatiana Maslany deserves all the awards. A little TV magic goes a long way, and dear lord just give her the awards.

Apparently Teen Wolf comes back tonight, that's how oblivious I am to this day, I can't remember when summer shows premiere. I'm also trying to keep up with Pretty Little Liars, I may have to rewatch the last two episodes because I wasn't paying attention. I need to get myself together.

Anyway, I hope you're having a wonderful day/night. It's night time here and  the rain won't quit. I really need to get used to the rain if I plan to live in London someday. Well I'm off to watch Teen Wolf and design a little bit.