June 22, 2014


I would like to say that I am back! I finally got my laptop charger after what seems like forever, and oh does it feel so good. What have I been up to? Well, I have been on a World Cup coma since it started, and I am currently watching USA v. Portugal, and it's such an intense game. I don't have a favorite team, I just like watching soccer like this every four years.
Good news, I officially go back to school tomorrow. You do not understand how happy I am to finally go back and finish getting my degree in Film and Digital Production. I feel like this is it you know? This is the time for me to get myself together and pursue my dreams. The film and writing world may or may not be ready for me, and yes, I'm feeling quite confident.

I've been thinking of ways to revamp my blog, and obviously, the layout is one of them. I've had this blog for about two or three years now, and I am still trying to figure it out. I do like sharing things with you, movies, tv, books, music, fashion, DIYs, and that has always been my main focus. I also want to start posting my style or day to day outfits. These are just ideas I have scrambling around in my head. Also, maybe I'd share some of my college experience and work. Bear with me guys, this blog is always going to be here, and I am always going to be here, and change is always good.

I hope you're having a wonderful Sunday. Talk to you soon!