May 2, 2014

Friday: Haim Concert Experience

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been around much. Life is getting kind of busy and hectic and I always end up tired to blog. Anyway, I went to the Haim concert on Tuesday with my sister... and it was magical. It was my first (first!) serious concert, and I'm glad that they were my first real concert.

We arrive at the venue early and decided to stand in the general admission area. We stood for about two hours, but then the opening act, Shy Girls, came out. They were pretty awesome. The main singer reminded me of Stefan Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries, no joke.

The picture is a little hazy, but I had to make due with where I was standing.

After four songs, the sisters came out. They started with Falling and the rest was pure magical. They can really rock, guitars... drums... the girls gave an A+ performance. I am really forward to seeing the, again in the future.

What's you're Haim experience? Or any concert experience?