March 23, 2014


March 19, 2014

TV: Game of Thrones

The final Game of Thrones trailer is here my readers! I cannot wait for this upcoming season, because well, nothing can top the Red Wedding and I don't like to talk about the Red Wedding. We never talk about the Red Wedding, however there is a Purple Wedding and if you're familiar with the books and/or series, then you know what goes down at the Purple Wedding. Also, Oberyn Martell is a BAMF. Daenerys is still a BAMF. Jon Snow is clearly becoming a BAMF. Sansa will unleash her inner BAMF-ness, and Arya was born a BAMF. Let's go April, please come already! Meanwhile, check out the trailer below and read my article on Examiner.

March 12, 2014

TV: House of Cards

Guys, I am all over House of Cards. It's not really TV so much as Netflix is streaming it, and I'm glad it's on Netflix because I can binge watch it whenever I want. It is incredibly addicting, perfect writing, perfect casting, perfect acting, and I have never been into politics as I am now. It's pretty cutthroat and no one can be trusted. I'd like to think of it as modern day Game of Thrones. Frank would definitely be a Lannister. Oh yeah, most definitely. I'm already on Season 2 episode 8...and dreading when it's over. Get on it guys.

March 9, 2014