January 30, 2014

TV: Parks and Recreation

Tonight's episode of Parks and Recreation marks the last episode for Ann and Chris. What will the show be like without Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe? More like, what will Leslie be like without her beloved tropical fish Ann? Ann has been Leslie's rock since day one of Parks and Rec, but now Leslie has Ben, however no matter what happens in life, a girl will always need her best friend. With their departure, there will be more Leslie x April x Donna interactions (that's for sure), and I believe that they will all grieve for Ann and Chris leaving Pawnee in their own way. I know fans will be sad for a long time, but I wonder if it tops Michael Scott leaving The Office.

I guess we'll find out in tonight's episode of  Parks and Recreation. Get those tissues ready, I'm going to buy a pack to ready myself for tonight.

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