December 22, 2013

Movie: Things 'Legally Blonde' Taught Me...

  • Orange will never be the new pink
  • Don’t chase after an old boyfriend because you spent 4 luxurious hours in the bathtub with him and thought he was the “one”. Someone better, smarter, and less douchey will come along…keep your eyes open!
  • When someone tells you a secret or alibi take it to the grave because its not yours to tell
  • That mean girl who happens to be engaged to your ex can/will become your best friend
  • That guy you see as the “nerd” is actually a sweet guy who wants to go out on a date with the girl he met at a coffee shop. Lend a helping hand and tell him how you’ve waited crying for his phone call after he gave you the most pleasurable night of your life. He may not get it at first but that girl standing next to him will be impressed by it…although she may or may not deserve him
  • Don’t give up on your job/dreams because that guy from Titanic tried to hit on you…do however let him know how you’re no piece of meat to him (and possibly file a harassment suit)
  • That professor of yours, yeah the one always giving you a hard time, is only looking out for you. They may become your mentor in life and quite possibly invite you for dinner over the holidays
  • Pink is the color of confidence. You may be ridiculed for repeating the same question and people may see you as helpless, but because you look fabulous in your new pink outfit, a spark will light up inside and everything will come to you…it’s called confidence
  • Knowing your shit when it comes to perms and wet t-shirt contests may or may not come in handy on your first big case
  • In the end that ex of yours will want you back for your “smarts”, but we all know he’ll end up going nowhere with multiple affairs in the future
  • Oh and never settle for the norm. You have big dreams, don’t let others tell you otherwise